Welcome to the Zyberswap!

What is Zyberswap?

Zyberswap is one of the first decentralized exchanges (DEX) with an automated market-maker (AMM) on Arbitrum and Optimism. Compared to its competitors, Zyberswap allows the swapping of crypto assets with the lowest fees! Rewards from Staking and Yield Farming are among the most lucrative in the entire ecosystem. Additionally, Zyberswap aims to fully involve its users in decision-making. All major changes are decided via Governance Voting!

Fair launch? Absolutely!

Of foremost significance, Zyberswap has chosen to employ a fair launch strategy for its token distribution. This aligns with the platform's objective of promoting genuine decentralization and impartiality. By opting for a fair launch, Zyberswap ensures that all users have an equal opportunity to acquire its tokens, fostering a sense of community and fairness in the ecosystem.

Security? Incubated by SolidProof

At Zyberswap, the safety and security of its users' assets is of utmost importance. The platform has undergone a thorough audit to ensure its robustness, and has also secured an incubation spot with Solidproof. This not only provides Zyberswap with access to Solidproof's expertise, but it also gives new projects the opportunity to receive a free audit and KYC process. By taking these measures, Zyberswap demonstrates its commitment to providing a secure environment for trading crypto assets.

Why Arbitrum?

Arbitrum is a layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum that allows faster and cheaper transactions by using off-chain computations. It works by allowing parties to transact off-chain and only settling on-chain when necessary, which reduces the number of transactions that need to be processed by the Ethereum blockchain. This makes it possible to build applications that can handle a larger volume of transactions without the cost and speed limitations of the Ethereum mainnet.

Arbitrum is currently the most popular Layer-2 Blockchain, with over $2.4B of TVL.

Zyberswap is dedicated to expanding the capabilities and opportunities in decentralized finance by aligning with the vision of Ethereum and utilizing the layer-2 scaling solutions of the Arbitrum network.

Expansion to Optimism

As we evaluate the landscape of decentralized exchanges (DEXs), it becomes evident that leveraging the strengths of multiple networks is crucial for the long-term success and growth of our platform. By expanding to Optimism and zkSync (in the future), we are embracing the diverse features and benefits that these networks bring to the table.

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