๐Ÿš€#3 - KEWL

IDO Start Date & Time: 22-May-2023 15.00 UTC

What is KEWL?

KEWL is a pioneering multichain gaming NFT marketplace designed specifically for players. It serves as a platform where gamers can immerse themselves in a world of possibilities, exploring, collecting, and trading in-game assets securely and seamlessly.

Completed Milestones

  • Raised $210K through successful fundraising.

  • Underwent a rigorous audit, ensuring the security and integrity of its platform.

  • Committed to transparency by being "doxxed," with team members publicly disclosing their identities.

  • Boasts a functional product.

  • Cultivated a strong and vibrant community that contributes to the project's growth.

  • Formed strategic partnerships with notable entities like Arsenal, MagicCraft, NetbornCity, Polygon, and Web3 Gaming Frontier.

  • Secured a confirmed listing on a reputable centralized exchange (CEX) after the Token Generation Event.

Official Links: https://linktr.ee/kewlio

Public Sale Details

  • TOTAL IDO RAISE: $525K ($150K will be raised on Zyberswap)

  • IDO TOKEN PRICE: 0.004$

  • IDO SUPPLY: 130M


  • LISTING PRICE: 0.004$

  • TOKEN NETWORK: Arbitrum



Sale on Zyberswap

  • IDO Start Date & Time: 22-May-2023 15.00 UTC

  • IDO End Date & Time: 24-May-2023 15.00 UTC

  • Snapshot for Phase 1 Whitelist: 21-May-2023 13.00 UTC

  • TGE Date & Time: 27-May-2023 15.00 UTC

  • Listing Date & Time: 27-May-2023 15.00 UTC

  • Claiming Date & Time: 27-May-2023 15.30 UTC

  • Accepted Payment: $USDC

  • Allocation: $150K (Remaining $375K will be raised on other platforms)

Sale Process

a) Phase 1 (0-24h) --> Reserved only for eligible sZYB holders (FCFS)

For the first 24h, the sale will be reserved only for members with at least 250 sZYB allocated in the Profit Sharing program. The snapshot was taken on Sunday, 21st May, at 13.00 UTC.

The allocation limit for each wallet is $500.

To participate in Phase 1, you must have at least 250 sZYB allocated in the Profit Sharing program.

Snapshot was taken on Sunday, 21st May, at 13.00 UTC.

Even though there is an allocation limit for each wallet, Phase 1 still operates on a first-come, first-served basis (FCFS).

b) Phase 2 (24-48h) --> FCFS with no restrictions

Once the initial 24 hours have elapsed without reaching the $150K IDO target, the sale will transition into an open format available to everyone on a first-come, first-served (FCFS) basis. During this phase, there will be no restrictions or limitations on participation.

Tokenomics and Utility

Kewl is the native token created for the Web3 Gaming and Kewl ecosystem which is used for trading, staking, training AIs, airdrops and more.


Trade and stake to earn more, pay less

Staking and trading on Kewl platforms will be incentivized with Kewl token with the balance of supply and demand.

Upgradable AI-powered NFTs

Kewl provides a no-code development platform for developers to create AI based trainable gaming NFTs, and powered with Kewl, used in minting and training.

KewlPass NFT Card

KewlPass is a utility NFT of Kewl products to incentivise users, and is minted with Kewl.


Vote for the future of Kewl by using your Kewl token. Proposals will relate to the future development and expansion of the protocol.

Get NFTs, Tokens, Gamesโ€ฆ early

Stake and earn a right to participate next IDOs, IGOs, INOs and be early adopter in Web3 gaming ecosystem.

KewlPass NFT

KewlPass is individual and permanent NFT Card of Kewl allowing players to pay less fees and earn more fee rewards when trading on the platform.

NFT Holders have an opportunity to collect loots, airdrops, mystery boxes and whitelists from partner games.

KewlPass is purchased with $KEWL.

Full details: https://kewlio.medium.com/kewl-deep-dive-into-tokenomics-980a1013d507

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