6️How to use Vaults

Get rewarded with extra ZYBER by staking ZYBER

If you wish to earn extra ZYBER while you are holding ZYBER you have to use our Vaults.

Step 1: Get ZYBER token

Go to How to Swapand get some ZYBER.

Step 2: Go to Vaults

Visit our app and go to Vaults. Select Vault that is the most appropriate for you. The longer you decide to lock your ZYBER the higher the rewards will be.

Step 3: Stake ZYBER

Once you picked the Vault with desired lockup period, select an amount of $ZYB you wish to stake and click on Approve.

MetaMask pop-up message will show. Click on Confirm.

Once youre MetaMask is approved, click on Stake.

Confirm transaction on your MetaMask.

Step 4: Harvest ZYBER

You are now successfully staking your ZYBER. Click on Harvest to collect your rewards.

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