5️How to Stake ZYBER Earn ETH

Get rewarded with ETH by staking ZYBER

If you wish to earn ETH while you are holding ZYBER then this tutorial is the right place for you. Keep in mind that you have to lock your ZYBER for 14 days. Whenever you lock additional funds, the locking period resets.

Step 1: Get ZYBER token

Go to How to Swapand get some ZYBER.

Step 2: Go to Staking

Visit our app and go to Staking.

Step 3: Go to Earn Ethereum

We offer Earn Ethereum and Vaults. If you wish to earn Ethereum while staking ZYBER then click on the left.

Step 4: Approve staking

Permit to access your ZYB tokens. MetaMask confirmation window will pop-up; click on Confirm.

Step 6: Stake your ZYBER

Enter the amount you wish to lock and click on Stake.

MetaMask confirmation window will pop-up. If you agree with the estimated gas fee click on Confirm.

Step 6: Success

Get back every Wednesday to claim your rewards. After 2 weeks you can unlock your deposited ZYBER.

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