3️How to add Liquidity

Get rewarded by providing Liquidity

To join Zyberswap's Farming and earn yields, you must first supply liquidity by staking two assets to receive an LP token. An LP token is a token that you will receive for providing liquidity of 2 coins into a specific pool. For example, if you stake $ZYB and $ETH, you will receive a ZYB-ETH LP token, which can then be used to stake in Zyberswap's Farms and receive returns in the form of APR. Make sure you have successfully connected your wallet to our app Connect Wallet

Step 1: You need 2 Underlying Pool Tokens

In order to provide the liquidity you will need 2 underlying pool tokens. For example, if you would like to provide liquidity for the pool $ZYB-$ETH you will first need both tokens in your wallet. If you don't have them check How to Swap

Step 2: Go to the Liquidity page

Liquidity can be provided in Trade/Liquidity subpage of our app.

Step 3: Add Liquidity

Click on Add Liquidity.

Select the first token of the Liquidity Pair. In this example, we are choosing $ETH.

Click on Select a token to choose the second token of the Liquidity Pair. In our example, we opted for $ZYB to create a ZYBER-ETH Liquidity Pair (LP).

Select how much you wish to add to the Liquidity Pair. The second token in the LP will be automatically set to the equal dollar amount of the first token. After that click Confirm Adding Liquidity.

The pop-up message with Exchange Rates and calculated Share of the Pool will get displayed. If you agree with what you see, click on the Confirm Supply button.

You will get redirected to your MetaMask. If you agree with the Estimated gas fee, click on Confirm.

Congratulations, your Transaction was Submitted. You have now provided the Liquidity to the pre-determined pair of tokens (in this example ZYBER-ETH). Whenever someone swaps ZYBER for ETH or vice versa, you will get a proportional amount of the 0.15% fee.

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