2️How to Swap

Here you will learn how to Swap between tokens and buy $ZYB

Step 1: Get some ETH

It is crucial that you have some Ethereum on your Arbitrum One wallet. ETH is used for paying gas fees, and the transaction cannot be executed if you do not have a sufficient balance of ETH. Ensure that you always leave some ETH in your wallet.

Step 2: Select Tokens and Specify the Amount to Swap

Once your wallet is successfully connected to Zyberswap's app, choose which tokens/coins you would like to Swap. On the top you always select the token/coin you are swapping from, and on the bottom, it will get automatically converted to the equal dollar amount of the desired token. You can also see how many tokens/coins you have available. For example, this wallet has $367 USDC and 1.16 $ZYB. Keep in mind that there still has to be some $ETH on this wallet in order to make this transaction happen.

Step 3: Swap

For example, if you would like to swap 10 $USDC to $ZYB, you input 10 as a number on the top, and it will automatically tell you how many $ZYB tokens you can get for that. If you agree with Exchange Rate and Price Impact press Swap.

Once you opt to Swap you will get a preview of the transaction, where you can see the current Exchange Rate, Price Impact, Route, and Slippage tolerance. If you agree with this press Confirm Swap.

If you waited for too long, the Exchange Rate might have changed. Our app will kindly remind you that you have to agree with the new Exchange Rate. Press Accept if you agree with the new Exchange Rate and then again press Confirm Swap.

Our App will redirect you to the MetaMask confirmation panel where you will Confirm that you agree with the transaction and with the Estimated gas fee. If everything is OK press Confirm.

Step 4: Wait Until Transaction is Completed

If everything was executed successfully, you would get a notification that the Transaction was Submitted.

Step 5: Add ZYBER to MetaMask

In case you would like to see how many ZYBER tokens you are holding in your MetaMask wallet, you will have to manually add the $ZYB token address. The easiest thing you can do is simply click on Add ZYBER to MetaMask button when you are buying ZYBER for the first time, and it will be added automatically. You will get redirected to the MetaMask wallet where you have to press on Add token.

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