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What is MasterChef?

A MasterChef smart contract is a digital agreement that governs the actions and functions of a farm. It controls what the farm is able to do and how it operates.

What is TimeLock?

A timelock is a feature built into a smart contract that allows for the temporary restriction of certain functionality within an application for a pre-determined period of time. This feature is often utilized in MasterChef contracts. Timelocks are crucial for ensuring high security, as they prevent sudden and unexpected changes known as rug-pulls.

Zyberswap's number one priority is the safety of the funds that are provided in Liquidity Poolsand Yield Farms. In order to reach maximum security in preventing rug-pulls, timelock was added to the Masterchef SmartContract (0x9BA666165867E916Ee7Ed3a3aE6C19415C2fBDDD).

Proof of this can be seen here.

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