1️⃣How to add Liquidity?

To add liquidity on Zyberswap, follow these steps: 1. Visit the Pool page by clicking on this link: https://v3.zyberswap.io/#/pool

2. Connect your wallet to the website.

3. After connecting your wallet, click on the "New position" button.

4. You can select two tokens individually or choose a pair from the popular pairs list. For this guide, we will provide liquidity for ETH-USDC, so we will choose that pool.

5. Once you have selected the pair, click on "Select range" to proceed.

6. You can choose from 4 preset ranges (Full range, Safe, Common, Expert) or enter your desired values manually. Keep in mind that the narrower the range, the more fees you can earn, but it also comes with higher risk due to volatile price movements. For this guide, we will choose the "Common" range.

7. Approve the selected tokens and enter the chosen amounts. Once you are satisfied with your selection, click on "Add liquidity" and confirm the transaction with your wallet.

8. A loading screen will appear as the liquidity is being added.

9. Once your liquidity provision is successful, you will see a "Liquidity added" screen.

10. You can view your position on the Pools overview by visiting this link: https://v3.zyberswap.io/#/pool.

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