4️How to Farm

Get additional rewards for farming

To earn yields in the form of $ZYB token through Zyberswap's farms, you must deposit two underlying coins into a liquidity pool to create an LP (liquidity pool) token. This token represents your portion of the pool. For instance, if you want to participate in the ZYBER-ETH Farm, you must combine your ZYBER and ETH and generate the LP token. To do this checkout: How to add Liquidity.

Afterward, you can stake the LP token into the farm to start earning rewards.

Step 1: Create the LP Token

Go to How to add Liquidity and create a desired LP token.

Step 2: Go to the Farms

Open our Farms.

You can see all the possible farms. If you farm in our native farms (ZYBER-ETH or ZYBER-USDC) you will get triple rewards --> ZYBER, USDC and ETH. In non-native farms you will be rewarded only with ZYBER.

Step 3: Select the correct Farm

For example, if you have ZYBER-ETH LP token, you can only Stake in the ZYBER-ETH farm. Click on the plus symbol on the right.

Step 4: Stake

Click on the Stake button.

Select how much you wish to stake or simply click MAX to select all LP tokens.

Once you selected how much you want to deposit in farm click on Stake.

You will get redirected to the MetaMask pop-up window, where you have to confirm that you agree with the estimated gas fee and the amount you selected for staking.

Step 5: Harvest rewards

If you wish to take out the rewards, click on the Harvest button.

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