🪙sZYB Token

Get the most out of Zyberswap with Staked ZYB token

$sZYB token address: 0x3B71729510CbEA2f23A1B9fd6B9DB002271e119f

Staked ZYB = sZYB

sZYB is a protocol profit-sharing and governance token that is non-transferable and escrowed. It corresponds to staked ZYB and can be obtained through on-the-spot conversion from ZYB tokens or as a Farming Reward on our Yield farms.

Ratio for Conversion ZYB --> sZYB is always 1:1

Conversion sZYB --> ZYB is vested! Vesting starts after the redeeming process is triggered manually by the user.


sZYB can be converted back to ZYB tokens after a vesting duration, which is selected by the user in the redeeming process.

The full vesting duration is 180 days. This means, that only after the 180 days have expired, you will be able to convert 100% of sZYB back to ZYB.

You can also convert sZYB back to ZYB prematurely, starting from the minimum vesting duration of 14 days. If you decide to convert sZYB back to ZYB after 14 days, you will get 50% of ZYB back. The remaining ZYB will be burned!

After the minimum vesting duration, if not claimed, the remaining 50% of tokens will continue to vest linearly until the full vesting period expires.

  • Minimum vesting duration - 14 days (50%)

  • Full vesting duration - 180 days (100%)

Examples for different intervals

a) 0-14 days

You cannot convert sZYB to ZYB.

b) 14-180 days

Unlock percentage after N days:

unlock(N)=0.5+((N−14)/166)∗0.5\text{unlock}(N) = 0.5+\big((N-14)/166\big)*0.5

The remaining difference is burned!


  • After 14 days, unlock percentage will be 50%

  • After 30 days, unlock percentage will be 54.8%

  • After 180 days, unlock percentage will be 100%

c) After 180 days

Full unlock, you get 100% of ZYB tokens back.

The vesting can be canceled anytime and it's possible to have multiple vestings at the same time.

During redemption period, 50% of your sZYB is automatically allocated in the Profit-Sharing program and you are actively accumulating rewards.

sZYB Utility

Holding sZYB brings additional utility on Zyberswap. Once you convert ZYB to sZYB you can allocate sZYB for various benefits, such as:

Sharing Protocol Profits

You can imagine the sZYB as a share of Zyberswap. Everyone that owns sZYB owns a percentage of Zyberswap and is therefore entitled to the benefits offered on Zyberswap. Once you own sZYB, you get to fully experience all the perks of Zyberswap: Sharing Protocol Earnings is just one of them!

The process of earning is quite simple, the more significant portion of Zyberswap you own, the more earnings you will get. In each cycle, different rewards will be distributed. The duration of the cycle is 1 week. The community will decide on what rewards should be distributed.

Currently, the rewards are distributed in ETH and ARB.

Immediately after the conversion from sZYB --> ZYB, 50% of sZYB enters the Profit Sharing program. More can be allocated manually.

Launchpad Benefits

It should be evident that loyal Zybernauts deserve certain advantages when it comes to Launchpad Projects utilizing our Protocol for fundraising.

These advantages can be:

  • Cheaper Token Price (you can buy the token at a discount)

  • Higher Allocation (if the raise model is capped, you get to invest more)

  • Secured Allocation (you will have a reserved timeframe to invest, no need to panic)

  • Future Benefits of Launched Project (free/discounted access to some of the project’s features)

Individuals seeking benefits from IDOs can simply allocate their sZYB tokens for Launchpad purposes, which enables them to receive the highest potential benefits from all sales taking place on Zyberswap.

Different IDOs can have different benefits.

Governance Voting

The holders of sZYB are the ones that are the most committed to this project, and hence their voting power is proportional to the held amount of sZYB.

Checkout Governance Voting for more details.

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