1️Connect Wallet

Start by connecting your wallet to Zyberswap's app

Step 1: Go to Zyberswap

Visit Zyberswap's official app.

Step 2: Connect Wallet

Connect your wallet by clicking "Connect Wallet" on the top right.

Zyberswap allows you to connect with MetaMask or Trust Wallet. Further steps in the tutorial are for MetaMask users.

If you are using MetaMask wallet you will first have to unlock it (enter your password and press Unlock).

Keep in mind that you always need some $ETH in your account to pay gas fees. Select the account which has some $ETH available and click Next.

You have to agree that you allow Zyberswap to see your address, account balance, activity and suggest transactions to approve. This is completely normal, and every DEX operates in this way. Click Connect.

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