1️How to Add Liquidity to Gamma pools

How to add Liquidity Position (LP) to Gamma pools

  1. Go to Pool, select v3 and click on New Position.

  1. Select both tokens and click on Select a range.

Only pairs that are listed under Popular pairs on the right are available for farming.

  1. If you wish to stake your LP in Gamma Farms you must select Automatic/Narrow or Automatic/Wide. Once selected click on Enter amounts to continue.

Automatic Wide: less rewards from fees, however the Impermanent Loss will be smaller.

Automatic Narrow: more rewards from fees, however the Impermanent Loss can be higher.

You will not be able to deposit in Gamma Farms if you select Manual range.

  1. Enter how much of the first token you wish to add to your LP. The ammount for the second token will get filled automatically. When you are providing LP in v3 for the first time you have to first Approve both tokens.

  1. Once approved you can go ahead and click on Add liquidity.

  1. You can check the status of your LP here.

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