🚀#5 - Hextopus

IDO Starts on August 4th

What is Hextopus?

Hextopus Protocol is an all-encompassing Web3 referral quest platform focused on bringing together DApps and users for promoting adoption and growth for Web3 industry.

Hextopus campaign is a fully customizable marketing tool. DApps can leverage Hextopus to achieve their desired goal. At the same time, users can participate in the campaign, exploring new Web3 projects. Users can earn participation rewards for participating in the campaign, and referral rewards for sharing the campaign to their community.

🔗 Website: https://hextopus.app/ 🔗 Docs: https://docs.hextopus.app/ 🔗 Twitter: https://twitter.com/HextopusFinance 🔗 Discord: https://discord.gg/tGYZjyvJAK 🔗 Medium: https://medium.com/@hextopus_protocol

Sale on Zyberswap

  • RAISE GOAL: $240K

  • SOFTCAP: $100K

  • IDO START DATE: 4th August 2023 at 11:00 UTC

  • IDO END DATE: 11th August 2023 at 11:00 UTC

  • LISTING DATE: 11th August 2023



  • TOKEN PRICE: $0.6


Participation Requirement

Everyone can participate.

There is no buying limit per wallet.


$HXTO has a total supply of 5 million, with the following allocation:

  • 8% Public: Of the public allocation, 40% will be used to seed POL for $HXTO, 30% will be distributed to core contributors, and 30% will be allocated to the treasury.

  • 2% Pioneer airdrop: This allocation will be used to compensate Pioneer (OG) for their contributions to the project.

  • 1% Initial campaign reward: This allocation will be used to compose the first Hextopus campaign’s referral reward pool.

  • 60% Treasury: The treasury allocation will be used for POL, marketing, future audits, community rewards, and operation.

  • 20% Core contributors: This allocation will be distributed to the core team and contributors of Hextopus and will be linearly vested for 24 months.

  • 9% Partnership: This allocation will be used to establish strategic partnerships and collaborations that benefit the Hextopus ecosystem and will have a 36 months linear vesting period.

More info: https://docs.hextopus.app/tokenomics/token-supply

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